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Our History

In 1959, Mr. Willy Gnat, a new Canadian, founded his apartment coin-laundry route business which would become the foundation of Midnorthern Appliance. As the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, and London, ON began to build residential apartment buildings, Mr. Gnat saw the opportunity to become more than the just the laundry supplier but rather to outfit entire towers with appliances. By the 1970’s, condominium developments were taking the lead in new residential high-rise and Midnorthern Appliance led the way supplying thousands of new units with full appliance packages. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Midnorthern Appliance grew to include retail locations and welcomed the next generation of the Gnat family into the business. In 2002, the opportunity presented itself for the family to sell Midnorthern to The Brick and continues to run the business to this day. Willy Gnat’s legacy in the appliance industry continues to have a tremendous impact on the way we do our business: with professionalism, understanding, and a devotion to our most valued asset, our customers.

1959: Willy’s Vending begins in the apartment coin laundry route business, the predecessor of Midnorthern Appliance.

1976: Midnorthern Appliance’s first retail location is opened at 2939 Dufferin Street.

1979: Midnorthern acquires Leder Electric, an Appliance and TV Distributor.

1984: Midnorthern opens 13 showrooms under both the Midnorthern and Leder banners throughout Southern and Eastern Ontario.

2000: Midnorthern Appliance acquires Home & Rural Appliances, Ontario’s largest retailer of appliances.

2002: The Brick Commercial acquires Midnorthern Appliance and with both banners become the largest distributor of commercial appliances to builders, property managers, and developers in Canada.

2007: The Brick Commercial expands into the Hospitality market and purchases Sparkel Solutions' appliance book of business.

2011: The Brick Commercial opens the first Midnorthern Design Centre in Toronto.

2012: The Brick Commercial acquires PWA Pacific Wholesale Appliances’ book of business.

2017: The Brick Commercial opens a Midnorthern Design Centre in Vancouver.

2018: The Brick Commercial opens Midnorthern Design Centre’s in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Burlington.

2019: The Brick Commercial opens a Midnorthern Design Centre in Montreal.